Sprinkler tanks of more than a million litres for a logistics centre


The new logistics centre for the S Group will be completed in Sipoo in 2018. The total surface area of the centre is over 193,000 gross square metres and the construction has been going on for several years. In 2014, SSV-Tanks delivered large water tanks for the logistics centre, with 1.6 million litres of water stored for the automatic fire extinguishing system.

We manufactured two tanks destined to last for a long time. As one tank is 30 metres high, with a diameter of some 7 metres, the volume is about 800 cubic metres. An important safety aspect that had to be considered is the fact that when filled to capacity, the tanks contain a dangerous amount of water.

According to Antti Kinnunen of SSV-Tanks, long experience in producing such large pieces was necessary at every stage of work in order to make the tanks durable and symmetrical. Based on the requirements provided by the customer, SSV-Tanks implemented the tank structure in such a way that it was possible to manufacture and lift them safely and sustainably. SSV-Tanks also installed the tanks on site in the logistics centre.

As the external dimensions of the tanks were exceptionally large, transporting the tanks from Saarijärvi to Sipoo was a challenging task, and it was carried out with our long-time transportation partner Kuljetusliike Silvasti. Mercedes also wanted to record the demanding operation, check out the link.

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Der neue Arocs SLT unterwegs auf Finnlands Straßen.Die ganze Geschichte gibt es wie immer auf www.RoadStars.mercedes-benz.com #TruckerTuesday

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Project details


Sprinkler tanks of more than a million litres for a logistics centre


SOK logistics centre, builder TYL Freeway






Fact sheet



Tank height

30 meters

Tank diameter

7 meters

Tank volume

around 800 000 litres per tank.
We manufactured two tanks.