Fire and Rain – Ventilation stacks for the Tampere Rantaväylä tunnel


Tampereen rantatunnelin Tuli ja Vesi

In 2016, Finland’s longest road tunnel of about 2.3 kilometres was opened near the centre of Tampere. SSV-Tanks was involved in the Rantaväylä project manufacturing the imposing ventilation stacks that have become a landmark for the tunnel.

The ventilation in road tunnels is often not carried out mechanically. In this case, mechanical ventilation was selected because of the length of the tunnel. In addition, the idea was to discharge the exhaust gases high up into the air, so that they would not cause harm to the people living nearby. For this reason, high stacks were needed at both ends of the tunnel to ventilate the tunnel.

The tunnel exhaust stacks are both 45 metres high and 6.5 metres in diameter, and inside both stacks, there are three smaller pipes. The weight of the pieces was some 80 tons, which means they were among the heaviest stacks we have made.  SSV-Tanks was selected as the project executor in a tendering process.

An art competition was organized about the visual design of the ventilation stacks under the guidance of the Tampere Art Museum. Visual artist Jan-Erik Andersson won the competition with his work Fire and Rain. Our trusted subcontractor KST-Palvelut painted the stacks according to the artist’s instructions in our production facilities. Watch the video of the painting work below.

Antti Kinnunen of SSV-Tanks Ltd says that although the project involved SSV-Tanks’ core competency, i.e. large cylindrical bodies, the fact the stacks were so massive made the task a valuable learning experience. According to him, there are not many operators in Finland that could manufacture such big pieces.


Project details


Fire and Rain – Ventilation stacks for the Tampere Rantaväylä tunnel








Fact sheet



Stack height

45 meters

Stack diameter

6,5 meters


about 80 000 kg