A fluid-damped flue-gas stack over 100 metres high for the Porvoo oil refinery


105 metrinen piippu matkalla Porvooseen

The Neste oil refinery is located in Kilpilahti in Porvoo. According to the company, the Porvoo refinery is one of the most versatile refineries in Europe and it focuses on cleaner, high quality traffic fuels.

In 2014, when the refinery plants were refurbished, SSV-Tanks designed, manufactured and delivered a large, 100-meter-high flue-gas stack that has to withstand extremely high temperatures. The stack is 105 metres high and 3.6 metres in diameter. It was transported from Saarijärvi to Porvoo and installed in four parts.

According to Antti Kinnunen of SSV-Tanks Ltd, design and installation made the project particularly challenging. The wind load of a stack over 100 metres high is enormous, so much attention was paid to its management and minimization, also with the help of VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. In order to minimize the impact of the wind, an innovative fluid damping method was used – several fluid-filled damper cubes were attached to the outer edge of the stack. With calculated, balanced placement, these dampers counterbalance wind-induced vibration and reduce the strain on the stack.

What made the installation exceptional was the operating environment at the refinery. Special attention had to be paid to lifting, for example, due to higher fire and explosion hazards.

According to Antti Kinnunen, it was great to be able to help one of the biggest companies in Finland.

“I believe the customer chose us because of our convincing implementation plan and a sensible price.”

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The 105-metre stack was manufactured at Saarijärvi and was transported to Porvoo in four parts.


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A fluid-damped flue-gas stack over 100 metres high for the Porvoo oil refinery


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105 meters

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